Recomendamos 10 cuentas de instagram !!!!

1. Instachasse
Followers: Around 43,000
A skilled French hunter, Guillaume, who has hunted from the age of 16. Guillaume set up this account due to the lack of focus on the aesthetic aspect of images depicting hunting. He includes a lot of wild boar – since this is France, after all.

2. Caza y tradicion
Followers: Around 20,000
A Spanish profile with focus on hunting traditions, wild boar and hunting in the mountains of central Spain, but also a platform for the more amusing and quirky images.

3. The Noisy Plume
Followers: Around 46,000
Jillian Lukiwski is Canadian woman living in Idaho. She is a silversmith, photographer and author, but clearly also a dedicated hunter with a fantastic eye for the poetic aspects of hunting.

4. The Nordic Hunter
Followers: Around 34,000
The Nordic Hunter is a Swedish hunting store whose Instagram profile is also worth following outside the Nordic region. Lots of equipment and pictures of classical Nordic animals such as elk, fox and bear.

5. Deer.hunter
Followers: Around 32,000
As the name indicates, this is the profile for anyone with a special interest in wild deer: elk, red deer, roe deer and many other deer species. Wild boar, ibex or fox may also sometimes be featured.

6. True Excitement
Followers: Around 4,500
A very personal Instagram profile by a Norwegian hunter and fly fisherman, who is also a skilled photographer with a special eye for colours and light in the countryside.

7. Wild Cabins
Followers: Around 37,000
Do you dream of having the perfect hunting-hideaway deep in the heart of the countryside? Wild Cabins, a profile dedicated to cabins, will keep your dreams alive.

8. American national parks
Followers: Around 1,000,000
This is the official Instagram account of the United States Department of the Interior, which administers national parks and other nature reserves. Most of these are off-limits to hunters, but it is permitted to get inspiration for some great nature experiences here.

9. Marte Emilie
Followers: Around 11,500
21-year-old Norwegian Marte-Emilie Rustad is a dedicated hunter with a good eye for every type of hunting. A very personal profile that has drawn a big following in Norway.

10. Ducksunlimited
Followers: Around 435,000
In the USA, some of the largest environmental organisations also represent hunters. One of these is Ducks Unlimited, which works to preserve wetlands for ducks. Lots of inspiration and ducks unlimited.

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